Questant Mail Distribution Service Use Guideline


The following "Questant Mail Distribution Service Use Guideline" will be enacted from February 10, 2016.


■ Introduction
Thank you for using Questant.
The Mail Distribution Service User Guidelines (hereafter referred to as "these Guidelines") shall define the basic rules for the use of the mail distribution service in accordance with Article 1, Clause 6, of the QUESTANT TERMS OF USE.

Please find the QUESTANT TERMS OF USE here

The Questant mail distribution service is a free optional service for any user regardless of the current plan used by the user.

Please agree to the provisions of these guidelines before using the mail distribution service so that every user who conducts questionnaires can be supplied with a convenient mail distribution service.

■ Definition of mail function
The mail distribution service means the function to send electronic mail to a specified email address from Questant if the email address is typed into Questant and the configuration for sending the mail is set (mail distribution service of Questant).

In this guideline, the term mail distribution service does not apply to cases where the questionnaire URL created by using Questant is sent via an external mail service.

■ Application range of guidelines
These guidelines shall apply to all users of the mail distribution service of Questant, as part of QUESTANT TERMS OF USE. 

■ Conditions for using mail distribution service
Please agree to the terms and conditions of this guideline, including complying with the following three points, before using the mail distribution service. If you are unwilling to agree, please stop using the mail distribution service immediately, as you are not eligible to use this service.

[1] The number of emails to be sent on any one day (24 hours) shall be 10,000 or less. If more than 10,000 emails are to be sent, such emails shall be divided so that the quota per day is not exceeded.

< Specific example >
To send 25,000 mails, send 8,000 on the first day, another 8,000 on the second day, and 9,000 on the third day, with each day separated from the other by at least 24 hours from the time of sending the last mail.

[2] Keep the percentage of emails that do not reach the destination correctly* (hereafter referred to as "non-arrival emails") to less than 5% of the number of emails sent at one time.

*Emails that do not arrive at the destination because of an incorrect email address or rejection of reception.

< Specific example >
The number of non-arrival emails must be less than 50 if 1,000 emails are sent.

[3] Keep the spam rate (*1) below 0.1%.
(*1) Spam refers to those as defined in Gmail’s email sender guidelines. It includes emails marked as spam by the recipients.

■ Termination of use of mail distribution service
If Macromill decides that a user has violated or may violate these guidelines, Macromill may no longer supply the mail distribution service or Questant, regardless of the reason.

■ If you have any questions
If you have any questions about Questant, contact Macromill from here.



These Terms are effective February 10, 2016.
These Terms are revised as of May 31, 2024.

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