The Questant system includes security measures in accordance with Micromill's information security policy.

● Application Protection
Any information submitted by our customers or through questionnaires is protected by SSL encryption.
You can set a password when you share questionnaire results, and limit access by IP address, etc.
With the data export function of the Standard Plan, you can delete the data from our server when you download your data.

● Network Protection
We have a firewall and IDS/IPS. The firewall prevents unauthorized access.
We also constantly monitor our network with a access notification and interception system.
Each of our servers are also updated with the latest security patches.

● Data Protection
Our database system is backed up daily, a translation log is kept, and even if there is a problem, the data can be restored.
We charge credit cards, and this credit information is managed in the payment system that we use, so Questant does not keep any credit card information.

● Operation System
Our system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If a problem occurs, we are prepared to deal with it quickly.
We also monitor our load and resources and add new resources as needed.
Access to our system for operators is limited to our high-security in-house network.
Even among our own employees, only limited operators have access to it.

Server login and data saved in our system are tightly controlled according to our corporate policies and access is restricted to designated server managers.

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